In which bank will we get a loan online?

We have already got used to the fact that small non-bank loans or payday loans can be obtained completely without leaving home. What’s more, obtaining such a loan often does not take more than several dozen, and in the best case even several minutes.

Bank loans online

Bank loans online

The disadvantage of payday loans is their high costs. Bank loans, which are also available online, may not be much cheaper in this respect, but not all.

Today I will try to present selected offers of cash loans, which we can successfully receive without leaving home, using Internet connections. Obtaining additional cash in this way may not be as easy and quick as with non-bank loans, but it will definitely be more cost-effective for us.

What requirements to get a loan online?

What requirements to get a loan online?

Banks do not specify conditions as accurately as loan companies, but I will try to bring these conditions closer based on my own experience. When it comes to the age of a person applying for an online cash loan, they can be young people from 18 or 19 years old, but we must be aware that not all people at this age have a chance of credit. Significantly more successful will be those who have already taken some credit or installments early and already have some credit history. It is equally important to have permanent employment, which provides us with a monthly income of at least 3 months. Banks providing loans online usually require a person applying for a loan, presentation of an income statement or the bank statement itself which will document the account receipts from the last 3 months.

Bank account and mobile phone – these things will also be necessary for us to get a loan online as well as a valid ID card.

Bank account and mobile phone - these things will also be necessary for us to get a loan online as well as a valid ID card.

Loan agreement by courier – most loan companies have accustomed us to the fact that the agreement is sent via e-mail. The banks will provide us with a physical contract, i.e. on paper, and a courier company will provide it to us. Our main task will be to sign it before the courier receives it from us for transfer to the bank. Of course, it would be good to read it, but I am aware that no courier will wait until we read a few or a dozen or so pages of the contract, which may take us a good half an hour, so it’s worth asking the bank representative to send it in electronic form so that we can read it with ease.

Bank A

At the beginning, undoubtedly the most popular online bank, in the offer of which, apart from personal or savings accounts, we also find cash loans. Bank A does not specify exactly how much it can lend to us via the internet, but my information shows that most banks close the limits of online loans at PLN 10,000, up to a maximum of PLN 20,000. We can easily apply for an online loan online at Bank A’s website, indicating the amount of credit you are interested in and when you want to pay it back.

Bank B

Much more information about online loans offered is revealed by Bank B, which actually works under the wings of Bank. The amount of cash loan available through the internet can be from PLN 500 to PLN 10,000. The repayment period can be chosen as the one that is most suitable for us and it can be from 3 to 24 months. Obtaining a loan through Bank B is possible subject to the verification fee from our bank account in the amount of PLN 1, i.e. PLN.

Bank C

Also in the case of Bank C, which is a brand belonging to the BNP Paribas bank, we can apply for an online loan of no more than PLN 10,000. When applying for a loan, you must indicate the purpose of the loan and we have here a few ready options that we can indicate from the loan for the purchase of home electronics / appliances, for refurbishing or furnishing the apartment, a trip or a foreign holiday or just for current needs. As in the case of the above offers, also the Bank C offer is fully available via the Internet and without leaving home.

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