They’ll bring a loan straight home

Good morning, I have problems getting around, which loan company should I use? will they bring a loan straight home? I would really care about it, because walking on crutches and living far from the center will cost me a lot. I have heard that there are loans for a client’s home and I would like to use such a loan.

What is the cheapest home loan for me? please advice, what are these companies called? best regards Brando.


They’ll bring a loan straight home

home loan

Hello Brando, you probably mean loans with home service, from what I checked and from what I know, once money was brought home by several loan companies, for example:

  • Prosident
  • Rakto Finance
  • HeadUp Bank

So, look for a loan on the client’s home portals, give up, because even if they bring you a loan, you will either come across a complicated contract with hidden fees or you will incur excessive loan costs. So it’s better not to risk it.

It is best and safest to borrow money from well-known loan companies with an established position in the financial market.


Home loans – advantages

Home loans - advantages

  • You do not have to provide your personal data when completing the online application (data protection).
  • You can take out a loan without a bank account! (no need to do a verification transfer).
  • Avoiding the bailiff from seizing the loan amount (when the bailiff has taken a bank account – you get the money in your hand).
  • The traditional form of borrowing money – often borrowing online is burdensome for older people who are not familiar enough with the internet.
  • Lower requirements when it comes to credit history (it is not possible to check databases such as BIK or KRD).
  • You don’t have to leave the house at all (relief for people with mobility problems).


Home loans – disadvantages

Home loans - disadvantages

Household loans, in addition to numerous advantages, also have their disadvantages and are:

  • Higher cost of loan compared to online loan why? because the loan company providing the home delivery loan incurs additional costs in the form of sending its representative to the customer’s place of residence.
    • So the lender must employ an additional person who will bring the loan agreement to the customer to sign.
  • Visits of a loan company representative at home – very often the loan is repaid through monthly contact with the representative, and the representative’s visits can disturb the order of the day because you have to be at home at a given time to be able to repay the loan installment.
  • When borrowing online, you can find promotions, eg the first loan for free. In the case of home loans, do not count on such a promotion.


A loan at the client’s home – what to look out for?

A loan at the client

When taking an online loan, you can easily compare the cost of the loan you have chosen (APRC) with other loans and choose the cheapest one. In the case of loans at the customer’s home, we no longer have this option. You will need to take out a loan on the terms the loan company representative will provide us.

ATTENTION: if the conditions proposed by the representative of the loan company are really unprofitable, then you are not obliged to take this loan! you can always refuse or negotiate the loan terms!


Home loan – which company should you choose?

Home loan - which company should you choose?

As I wrote, many loan companies withdrew this service, focusing on granting loans only online or at the company’s headquarters. However, the company that continues to provide “home delivery” loans is Prosident.

  • 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, or 104 weeks with installments to be paid weekly, or:
  • 3, 6, 12, 18, 24 months with monthly installments.

In addition, you will be able to pay back the loan by bank transfer or if you prefer to visit a representative and pay installments to a representative.

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