5 owners of Barrel Bullet Brewing Co. taking their picture in New Philadelphia

NEW PHILADELPHIA, Ohio – The longtime friends who own 5 Barrel Bullet Brewing Co. worked hard to open their brewery and survived the pandemic, providing a comfortable haven for craft beer in Tuscarawas County.

They landed well. And outside, things are taking off too.

This is because a Harry Clever Field airport runway is about 50 yards from the brewery.

As the planes take off and soar, in view of the rear terrace of 5 Barrel Bullet, owners Justin Dummermuth and Mike Stephan can smile and hoist a beer: coronavirus restrictions.

Located adjacent to Miller’s Creamery and the airport, 5 Barrel Bullet covers approximately 3,200 square feet. It can seat 96 inside and has a fireplace outside.

“I think we’ve probably wondered, you know, hundreds of times, ‘What are we doing? Is it a good idea?’ “said Dummermuth.

Covid, he said, is “putting a damper” on things for a while.

“We just learned to fend for ourselves,” Dummermuth said.

But when you have a common goal with a longtime friend, you have a chance for success. On a recent weekday, people sipped beer and strolled outside as a weather vane adorned with a biplane hovered above the cardinal points on the brewery rooftop.

“We’ve known each other since sixth year,” Dummermuth said. Business partners – now 39 – grew up in the area, started hanging out and kept in touch over the years. And they started visiting breweries and brewing together.

Owners Justin Dummermuth and Mike Stephan.

“After five or six years of (craft) brewery tours and outings, we’ve kind of lost the taste of regular commercial beer,” Dummermuth said.

“We kind of thought, ‘Why doesn’t New Philly have one? “” Said Stéphane. “Why not us?”

The region has brewing history, but you have to go back decades. New Philadelphia Brewing Co. was a typical American brewing business story: it was founded during the Civil War years by a German immigrant and lasted for decades, finding ways to survive during Prohibition and thriving until early 1940s before business ended.

“Somewhere there are memories floating around, but I’ve heard everyone I know who has a little bit of it (says) it’s hard to find,” Dummermuth said.

Philadelphia’s new brewery is gone, but old buildings dot the neighborhood. In fact, an old barn sits on the grounds of 5 Barrel Bullet, near the picnic tables and not far from a trail. This old barn could be part of the future of 5 Barrel Bullet, perhaps as a tasting room, Dummermuth said.

As he said, they have “endless options”.

Building a scene in the corner of the yard near the barn and focusing on canning are priorities for Dummermuth and Stephan. When the musicians heard about the scene, they were excited.

The group members said to them, “Please put a ceiling fan here. You don’t know how hot it is, sitting there with all your gear and especially if there is a roof, ”Dummermuth said.

Drinking a few beers also helps keep the yard cool, as patrons listen to music and watch planes come in and out. Inside, the brand image of the brewery is visible everywhere. The logo is the word “Five” with the “I” in the shape of a ball.

“’The bullet’ was the nickname we gave our old home brewing system,” Dummermuth said. “We’d be like, ‘Hey, do you want to shake the ball this weekend? »… When you make them shine (tanks), it looks like bullet casings. It just took the nickname.

The owners of 5 Barrel Bullet Brewing Company have opened their doors amid the pandemic and are making their way to Tuscarawas County.  They recently celebrated their first anniversary

The logo has a bullet like the letter ‘I’.

What goes into these tanks on their five-gun system is an array of styles. They learned early on in their travel and beverage research that “APIs are going to pay your bills.” But it’s far from the only beer they make and pour.

“I mean, they’re still popular,” Dummermuth said of India Pale Ales, the hoppy style that spawned several sub-styles. “But when we were homebrewing, they were at their peak. And that’s what we drank. Every day, this is what we were looking for. We kind of wanted to perfect that.

They have a dozen beers on tap.

“We want to play on the theme a bit – nothing too crazy,” he said. “And we also love the airport theme.”

So they have Dead Reckoning (flying without coordinates), a Brown Ale and Turbulence IPA.

Locked and Loaded is their Kolsch, and Sun’s Out Gun Stout “just seemed like fun,” Dummermuth said.

They also serve Proper Feck (British vernacular for “Royally Drunk”) Irish Ale. And “every time we do a SMASH, we’re going to name it after some type of monster,” he said. Mothman’s Revenge is the brewery’s single malt and single hop offering.

The beer signs are hand painted by Dummermuth’s daughter. A raspberry wheat beer and a Helles Lager are the best sellers, they said. The flights are five samples of 5 ounces each. They also have Belgian style growlers, pints and glasses.

As the pandemic wears off, the future looks brighter for homeowners, who have a small kitchen that they plan to eventually turn into a full kitchen.

As Stephan said: “It has been a difficult year. Things are improving, however.

The owners of 5 Barrel Bullet Brewing Company have opened their doors amid the pandemic and are settling well in Tuscarawas County They recently celebrated their first anniversary

5 Barrel Bullet has a few pieces of wood salvaged from all over the brewery.

Six-Pack Facts About 5-Barrel Bullet Brewing Co.

• The brewery is located at 1690 E. High Ave., New Philadelphia. It is 90 miles from downtown Cleveland. It has a dedicated parking lot. Hours: 3 pm-10pm from Wednesday to Thursday; 3-midnight Friday-Saturday; Sunday noon-8 p.m.

State Memorial in the village of Schönbrunn is half a mile down the road, near the end of a trail. The Moravian Church founded Schoenbrunn, which translates to “beautiful spring,” in 1772. Its settlers drew up Ohio’s first civil code and built the state’s first Christian church and school. Airport namesake Harry Clever Field, 81, was an army pilot-instructor who taught John Glenn.

Hoodletown Brewing Co. is five miles northwest, and Lockport Brewery in Bolivar is 20 miles north. “Hey, the more the merrier,” Dummermuth said. “She (the craft breweries) is becoming a real destination.

• The official Browns Backers bar in the area is Hoodletown, but 5 Barrel Bullet is home to Cleveland sports teams. Three televisions are hanging in the brasserie.

• In the foyer, stones engraved with the names of individuals and businesses that helped the owners get started. “These looked like our pioneers,” Dummermuth said. They receive a lifetime mug club membership, and while the brewery does not make reservations, they will make exceptions to reserve a table or two for their founding supporters. “Just kind of like VIP treatment,” he said.

• The liquor license only says beer, so don’t expect handmade cocktails or wine. Food trucks are brought in.

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