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As he turned on the gas stove, Tim Vandergrift explained how easy beer-making is.

“Home brewing, basically, people have been doing it for 10,000 years,” said Vandergrift.

“You can make beer in your kitchen with a pot, bucket, and your own pan. “

He was preparing for a demonstration of the art of brewing on Saturday at the Avalon Gardens Independent Living residence in Murrayville.

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The equipment that Vandergrift and his fellow hobby brewers Nathaniel Senff and Kalina Link used were a bit more sophisticated than the regular kitchen equipment, supplied by Mariner Brewing in Coquitlam, which included large metal vats and a gas stove, installed in the parking lot of the building. , in the shade of a portable awning.

The trio had volunteered to do a demonstration at the first outdoor beer-making event in Avalon, starting with grinding the beans used to make the beer, and continuing to the final, drinkable product.

Most of the participants were curious about the process, but were not sure to try it for themselves.

“I like beer, but I don’t like to make it,” commented Brigitte MacWhirter.

By the end of the day, the demo had produced two casks of freshly brewed beer, a light lager and a lager.

“We used a heat exchanger to cool it,” Vandergrift told the Langley Advance Times.

“I know I enjoyed one after being in the heat.”

There are tentative plans to hold another protest later in the year.

Activity coordinator Lauren Ang, who organized the event, thought it would be great if someone from the residents tested Vandergrifts’ claim and tried their hand at making beer, in their home kitchen.

“I hope so,” said Ang, who prepared an introduction to cider-making for residents last year.

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