Vacancies in Welsh hotels show there is work available ‘if people are willing to do it’, advises adviser

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Gareth Williams, local democracy journalist

One adviser said vacancies in the hotel industry showed there was work available in North West and West Wales “as long as people are willing to do it”.

John Brynmor Hughes, Llanengan’s adviser, was responding to a report from Gwynedd’s council which showed rising unemployment due to Covid-19 and Brexit.

But at a Gwynedd council audit committee meeting today, the pub owner said there are jobs in areas popular with tourists.

“There is work here in Pen Llyn but people don’t want to do it, the hotel industry is one of the biggest local employers and is in desperate need of workers,” he said.

“I think people got used to not working and spending a lot of time at home and having fun, which is the problem now that the hospitality industry, especially here but also further afield like Aberystwyth and Newquay, all looking for staff.

“Work is not the problem as long as people are willing to do it.”

Figures suggest that more than one in 10 UK hotel workers have left the industry in the past year, factors including not only Covid-19 but also Brexit.

‘Low salaries’

The authority’s business risk register considers those that may pose challenges to the council and residents of Gwynedd, based on its own matrix.

Among the highest risks was that of a sharp rise in unemployment due to the lingering effects of Covid-19.

The report noted that the mitigation measures available to the authority itself include working with Grŵp Llandrillo Menai and the third sector to support local businesses and employers to employ young people for a period of six months. and develop their professional skills.

It was said that a working group would also examine whether there are other steps Gwynedd Council and its partners can take to help businesses and employers provide work and employment experiences.

Regarding the need to ensure better paying employment opportunities in Gwynedd, after noting that the people of Gwynedd are not benefiting as much as they should from tourism, the approved report stated: “Low wages continue to be a problem. problem in Gwynedd, especially in the Meirionydd Zone. An opportunity to respond by continuing to work together to create conditions conducive to the development of high value-added jobs within Gwynedd.

“We will have agreed on a program to create more higher value-added jobs in Gwynedd taking into account the impact of COVID and Brexit on employers.

“The program will focus on promoting skills and careers in science, technology, electronics and mathematics and on safeguarding and creating new jobs for the future at the Trawsfynydd site,” the Llanbedr aerodrome site, in the fields of medicine, engineering, digital technology and creation. “

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