Boris Johnson’s plan to lift Covid restrictions on July 19 is ‘dangerous and unethical’, scientists warn

PProfessor Adam Finn, from the University of Bristol and a member of the Joint Committee on Immunization and Immunization (JCVI), said he believes people aged 50 and over will be offered a free flu shot NHS this year, as well as older children.

He told Sky News that the flu was a “more serious illness” than Covid in some ways, especially for children, adding: “The truth is that we see flu epidemics every winter, with one exception and this was last winter.

“The restrictions that were in place before and during the second wave were enough to prevent the spread of influenza almost entirely, and as a result, we are very concerned about seeing a much larger influenza epidemic this year, simply because all of the immunity that this epidemic would have created does not exist.

“So if you then have a coincidence of a big flu epidemic, and a new wave of Covid, that doubles the strain on health services and means we’re in a much more vulnerable place.”

Professor Finn said he hopes at least some people will be offered a flu shot and a Covid shot at the same time.

He said people die from the flu every year, adding: “If we have a particularly large and particularly severe flu epidemic this year, we could see thousands of flu deaths. Now combine that with the others. viruses and more Covid, you ‘I have a really serious problem with my hands.’

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