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MYSTIC (WFSB) – Something’s Brewing takes us to shore this week as Courtney Zieller meets Walt Bansley and Bank and Bridge Brewing.

Something’s Brewing went to Bank and Bridge in Mystic this week and Courtney spoke to owner Walt Bansley and brewer Justin Maturo (Courtney Zieller).

The new brewery and Bansley also have an interesting history, as Zieller discovered.

“I am a lawyer,” Bansley said. “But I also love beer and I love to make beer.”

Bansley said he had been a lawyer in the state for about 17 years and was a great firm, but needed a change.

“I have to do something different with my life,” Bansley said. “I owned this building in Vermont. It was on the main access road to Mount Snow. So I said, “Well, that would be a good thing to do, you know? In one of the top five brewing states, there are no breweries around. So I said, “I’m going to open a brewery.”

Bansley found a brewer and the rest was brewing history. Bansley told Zieller he was able to find a building in town that incorporates Mystic with the brew

“If you know the location of Mystic’s downtown, this is arguably one of the most iconic buildings in the city center,” Bansley said. “I would say the two most iconic structures are this building, a former bank since 1831, and the bridge, right in the city center, our old drawbridge. This is where we got the name, Bank and Bridge.

The first beer brewer Justin Maturo told Zieller about was the flagship beer – an IPA named Mystic IPA.

“He’s brewed with the three heavyweights, Citra, Nelson Sauvin and Galaxy,” said Maturo. So it’s super fruity, lots of fruity pebbles, white grapes, peach, melon. Just a great summer IPA.

The next beer was a double IPA.

“Celestial Navigation, which is brewed with Zappa, which is sort of a lesser-known hop,” said Maturo. “It has a lot of spice, a bit of mint, but also tropical. It’s, you know, 8%. It’s super fruity and a lot of impertinence. And of course, hazy.

A Pilsner was on the deck next door and Maturo described it as a simple and delicious beer.

“The pilsner is a super simple crusher,” said Maturo. It uses all the pilsner malt, just a touch of biscuit to give it a little sweetness. And you can drink them all day on the front patio in the sun and it’s nice.

Last, but not least, was the brewery porter.

“It’s a beer you can drink year round,” Maturo said. “You don’t have to wait for it to get cooler like some people do – it’s very drinkable.


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