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Sam walker

Executive Creative Director, Uncommon Creative Studio, and Director, Pulse

I feel optimistic right now. Yes England lost but the way Gareth, Marcus, Raheem, Jordan and the rest of the squad fared gave me hope for the future. There is light in the dark and they show us that it can shine with a thousand lights. So, with Gareth’s brave new world in mind, allow me to lead this Private View in the most unified and positive way possible.

Celeste Dalairac

Executive Creative Director UK, Gray

After twenty years of working in this industry, I know that ideas don’t go out of the way most of the time. From idea to execution, it’s never a straight line. So let me say right off the bat: I appreciate the amount of work – and all the behind-the-scenes drama – that has gone into all of these ideas.

Three “Life Needs a Big Network” – Wonderhood Studios

Sam Walker: The first is the relaunch of the Three. It’s never easy to help a brand grow after such an anarchic teenage years, but this movie “Life Needs a Big Network” sounds big and well written and is well directed by Gary Freedman, with a voiceover. effortless and a well-timed punchline. A portrait of the UK with a modern lens.

Celeste Dalairac: I am a Customer Three, and not a satisfied customer. But even if it were the other way around, “even laughing with a buddy needs 99% coverage”? I do not think so. We need the Internet in our lives; That is true. But there is a lot that I don’t understand about the original version, the theme park and the way this movie was shot.

Department “Jack ‘the not-so-standard dummy'” – Mother

SW: Then, Spoke, a fashion brand that exists because we are all different. What’s right for one person isn’t right for another, which fits Gareth’s open and inclusive worldview perfectly. There is a beautiful play on the model’s gag that comes to life with a few good touches.

CD: No celebrities. No male models. Just a model with a tough life. I don’t know the client behind this, but I already love them for their rather unusual menswear brand TV debuts. Even though Jack is actually pretty standard for a “not-so-standard” model. Yes, his thighs might be “an inch too big” for the fashion game, but other than that, he’s tall and fit with a strong jawline. Maybe it’s just me, but given the idea, I thought Jack would be a little more different – with wider hips, maybe.

British Beer Alliance ‘That Special Feeling’ – Havas London

SW: Britain’s Beer Alliance plays into a modern nostalgia we all know and feel for our local pub. It’s something we all look forward to in the days of Covid and the idea that it isn’t there when we need it should be enough motivation to get people to support this cause. As with the young team of lions, there is strength in unity. Which is also a motto of Liverpool FC. It’s funny how often our greatest football managers were very sociable, Shankly, Busby, Clough, Ferguson, Klopp. Looks like football and politics have always had a close relationship. In any case, I digress.

CD: Although I am a foreigner in the UK, I am sensitive to the strong pub culture that exists here – and how many pubs have been missing during their closure. And I love the real stories and colorful characters from the ‘Long Live the Locals’ campaign for the British Beer Alliance. If I’m being honest, this latest movie in the series isn’t my favorite. It feels more generic to me, and I’m not sure it reflects how people feel when they walk into a pub. That said, the campaign is great and it does an incredible job of reflecting what pubs – which can be like second homes – mean to the people, the community, the country.

BBC “Let’s Go” – BBC Creative

SW: I love the BBC Olympics advertising and have noticed it in the real world. It is very well designed and does a great job of starting the Tokyo Olympics. I always enjoy the BBC’s routes to major sporting events: partly because they tend to be ambitious, visually, but mostly because they always signal a moment of shared collective experience that can truly bring everyone together. country. Remember how united and positive we all felt during London 2012? Holy shit, how amazing that was in hindsight?

CD: I love everything about Japan. I’ve been there twice, and it’s high on my list for when traveling gets easier. This film made me want to go there even more. I enjoyed every little street sign, arcade and store, accessory, the wardrobe, the neon lights, the music. Each image is like a work of art – so detailed and thoughtful that you want to look at it over and over again to discover new things each time. Actually, I’m a little obsessed with this movie now. And I Google searched for everyone involved. Directed by Factory fifteen. Original illustrations by Fantasista Utamaro. Music by Kenji Kawai. No wonder it’s great. I am officially excited about the Olympics.

Heinz “Serious Mayo Lovers” – Bartle Bogle Hegarty

SW: Heinz takes us on a tour of the UK of mayonnaise lovers. It’s shot with energy and features people sharing a common love for mayonnaise. A message of unity after Brexit around a food of French origin. Or maybe I read too much about it.

CD: Serious mayo lovers eat mayo with a spoon – I know a few. But in this movie, it’s just ordinary people putting mayonnaise on sandwiches and salads. So if you’re going for mayo fans, they’re out there – go find them.

Caorunn “Balmenach Distillery” – The Leith Agency

SW: A simple, sober and line-based animation. Sometimes a message speaking softly and calmly in a sea of ​​shouting cuts the noise.

CD: Where the product is made. How the product is made. What are its ingredients. It seems that this brief asked the creative to provide a lot of information about the product. And it’s all there in this beautifully written and beautifully illustrated play.

Google “What are you looking for this summer?” – Uncommon creation studio

CD: This isn’t the first ad to use Google’s search bar to make a point. Still, there’s something cool about it – probably Jamie XX’s music. I enjoyed watching all of his little moments. And it did me good to know that I am not the only one to fear a “return to normal”.

Nike Grenfell Athletic FC “Fabric of the Community” – Brothers & Sisters

SW: Finally, we have Nike with an ad for Grenfell Athletic which raises money for Grenfell victims. Nike has publicly backed Colin Kaepernick by taking the knee and drew protests and condemnation from the Anti-Clock Squad, but unfortunately we are at the point of the debate where it is actually necessary to say that you are against racism and anti-racism. bias, and if you lose a few customers along the way, so be it. What most people took for granted simply cannot be taken for granted anymore. It is a tragedy that we have fallen so far, but here we are. It is a film elegantly directed by Georgi Banks-Davies and should help ensure that this shameful event and its victims are not forgotten. Suddenly, a few nice magazine ads, and a little sport mixed with politics. There are quite a few MPs who say footballers should stay out of politics but I don’t know they seem to be doing a better job of it than those in Westminster.

CD: What I like most about this project is the idea behind the film, it’s Grenfell Athletic FC with a kit, by Nike. It is the fact that a football team, formed by a community worker to help families cope with the tragedy, has the support of a big brand, celebrities and big names in the advertising industry. .

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