Ancaster’s only beer store will close next month

Ancaster’s only Beer Store outlet will be dry next month.

Ozzie Ahmed, vice president of retail for The Beer Store and Brewers Distributor Ltd., confirmed in an October 19 statement that the Beer Store located at 44 Wilson Street West will close on November 14.

A sign advising customers of the closure was also displayed in the store window.

Affected employees have been offered employment opportunities at other Beer Store stores in the region, the company said.

“We appreciate that this location closure is having an impact on some customers,” Ahmed said in the statement. “There are several Beer Stores in Hamilton where customers can purchase our products and return empty ones. “

The company did not immediately provide an explanation for the shutdown decision.

Ahmed added that the Beer Store was aware of customer concerns about product availability and the return of empties.

Ahmed said the Beer Store is proud of its award-winning returns program, including the recent milestone of processing more than three billion containers for recycling and reuse, keeping materials from going to landfill.

“We have a deep commitment to our recycling program,” Ahmed added.

After the Ancaster location closes, the three closest locations to Ancaster will be 584 Mohawk Rd. W., 55 Cootes Dr. in Dundas, and 1408 Upper James St.

Ahmed noted that all three locations are open for product purchases, empty container returns and in-store pickup. The Dundas branch also offers delivery.

Ancaster resident Carl Fiamelli asked why the beer store would force customers to go to another community. Although several supermarkets in the region also sell foam, Fiamelli noted that product offerings are generally limited to six packs and most competitors do not offer the same selection as the Beer Store.

“I would like to say that given our climate change emergency, I think it is a bad decision to force residents to travel long distances just to buy a regular case of beer,” Fiamelli said. “I think it would have been a more conscientious decision to find another location, perhaps a more modern location, before closing that location. They seem to have put the cart before the horse.

The Beer Store invites customers to visit or download the Beer Store mobile app for more information on locations, products and empty returns.