Andover man sets up new independent online beer store to share his passion

An ANDOVER man turned his dream of sharing a love and passion for Belgian beer into a business.

Craig Black has set up Great Beer Bottles Ltd, a new independent online beer store, headquartered in Picket Piece.

Offering a wide range of beers from around the world, the company primarily stocks a huge range of Belgian and craft beers from amazing independent breweries.

Initially an online business, there are plans in the coming years to expand and open a beer café in Andover.

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Although there are already many online beer stores, Great Beer Bottles provides an accessible window to the hundreds of independent craft breweries across the country (and beyond), which are largely unrepresented on the websites of major retailers. of beer.

Managing Director Craig Black said: “Our love for beer doesn’t stop with Belgians, or even the bottles! We are big fans of the unstoppable growth of craft beers.

“Although this is just a young online beer shop, our goal is to stock as many beers as possible from around the world, we want it to be easy and accessible for you (our customers) to try them all, while creating a platform for the many amazing independent breweries to sell to the general public.

To find out more about Great Beer Bottles Ltd, click here:

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