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Boston beer (NYSE: SAM) was most often right about what people want to drink. From craft beer to hard tea, cider, seltzer water and lemonade, the brewer has generally been at the forefront of beverage creators.

While some errors did occur (sorry, I thought Sam ’76’s lager-ale mashup was undrinkable) the hits outnumber the misses. That’s why Boston Beer announces a partnership with spirits maker Beam Suntory is a great development. Together, the companies will expand Boston Beer’s Truly hard Seltzer brand to spirits.

This could indicate that Seltzer’s growth will soon flatten out, leaving the brewer with less room for growth. The creation of a cross-brand in strong spirits could ensure that Boston Beer continues on an upward trajectory.

Image source: Boston Beer.

The next drinking sensation

The two adult beverage makers plan to launch their first products by mid-2022. In addition to a Truly spirits, the joint venture will also produce ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages under Beam’s Sauza Tequila banner. Since Beam owns the premium Jim Beam and Maker’s Mark bourbons, while Boston Beer has a superior distribution network, the marriage could work very well.

In a statement issued by the two companies, Beam President and CEO Albert Baladi said, “We are each exploiting opportunities in adjacent categories by unleashing our shared creativity and respective distribution strengths in spaces that resonate with consumers. “

The distiller began to venture into the RTD category last year, acquiring the RTD On The Rocks brand of cocktails for an undisclosed fee while also launching a line of Hornitos seltzers and the Jim Beam Highball.

Person holding a glass of whiskey.

Image source: Getty Images.

Sail on a whiskey river

Several years ago, I recommended investing in Boston Beer to capitalize on the growing popularity of whiskey, as it was not a concept alien to the brewer. It had previously partnered with artisanal distiller Berkshire Mountain Distilleries to develop small batch whiskeys infused with Boston Beer.

I said at the time, “Boston Beer continues to dabble on the edges of the craft whiskey market, it should probably take the plunge and start distilling its own line of spirits.

Recently, Dogfish Head, the Boston Beer craft brewer bought in 2019, launched a line of canned alcohol-based cocktails.

Partnering with an established global distiller like Beam is probably even better, as they can easily access Beam’s expertise and facilities to deliver a premium product without investing in distillation equipment. For the same reason, Beam can use Boston Beer’s knowledge and production capabilities to quickly bring ready-to-drink beverages to the domestic market.

Beer has a different set of rules to follow than spirits due to the higher alcohol content of spirits, so the business can pay high dividends to both parties right off the bat.

Lots of foam on the Seltzer market

This is a good time from Boston Beer, as there’s a good chance the seltzer tendency is at its peak and reaching a saturation point. There are so many brands on the market now that it becomes difficult for anyone to stand out.

Although the brewer claims Truly has around 28% of the market, it remains in second place behind market leader White Claw of Mark Anthony Brands with around 40% of the hard salts market, and there are dozens and dozens. of brands trying to make a note.

One of the most successful is Constellation brands(NYSE: STZ) Corona Seltzer, who quickly catapulted to fourth place a few months after its release. But now that restaurants and bars are reopening and on-site seltzer consumption is significantly lower than take-out consumption, the triple-digit growth the industry has enjoyed for several years in a row could start to slow significantly.

Vizzy swimwear ad.

When you’ve peaked in the market, you step out in seltzer-scented swimwear. Image source: Molson Coors.

Overcrowded shelf space is why gadgets are now needed to grab attention. Molson coors (NYSE: TAP), for example, just released the fruit scented Vizzy hard seltzer swimsuits in an effort to gain notoriety. Molson has also just discontinued its Coors brand of hard seltzer, choosing instead to focus on Vizzy and Topo Chico, the hard seltzer brand it recently launched with. Coca Cola.

The straw that stirs the drink

Boston Beer might realize he has to find the next big thing now. CEO David Burwick said of the Beam partnership: “Our industry is changing rapidly and consumers are looking for new and exciting options that suit a wide variety of occasions, and we could not be happier to have found the perfect partner. to expand our brands. in the spirits category.

This could mark a new era for the adult beverage market where we will see other brewers and distillers join forces. Still, being out of the gate early as has often been the case, Boston Beer could emerge a winner from all of the innovative new drinks produced by the collaboration.

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Foam sampling at Richmond’s East Brother Tue, 20 Jul 2021 18:00:27 +0000

As the Bay Area begins to open up after COVID – fingers crossed – many of us want to spread our wings and get out of the house. So I embarked on a quest for beer through the nine counties of the Bay Area. Each month, I’ll take a day trip to a brewery to visit a small, artisanal tap room – or two or three – that has done great things but may, perhaps, be new to you. Today we are heading to Richmond, home of East Brother Beer Co. and Armistice Brewing.

We can think of Richmond as a diverse town of about 110,000 people on the West Contra Costa waterfront, but part of that town is actually in the bay. East Brother Island and its lighthouse, built in 1874, can be found just off the tip of Richmond’s Point Saint Pablo in San Rafael Bay. Today, the Lighthouse Keeper’s House is a bed and breakfast – scheduled to reopen this fall – and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The island inspired East Brother Beer Co., which opened on the Richmond mainland in 2017. Childhood friends Rob Lightner and Chris Coomber had wanted to work together for years. The idea for the brewery arose out of Coomber’s home brewing efforts. I had tasted several of their tasty beers over the years, so I stopped by the bar on a recent sunny Saturday afternoon to chat with Lightner.

Rob Lightner, left, and Chris Coomber opened East Brother Beer Co. in 2017 (Anda Chu / Bay Area News Group File)

East Brother has set itself the goal of being a primarily lager brewery, says Lightner, and creating classic styles, not reinventing the wheel. “We’re not going to invent anything new, and that’s fine with us,” he says.

It might have seemed risky in 2017, but it turned out to be a winning formula. Their Bo Pils, a bohemian-style pilsner, has become the flagship beer, and it’s easy to see why. It is a very tasty and easy to drink beer that is full of subtle flavors that never dominate but delight the senses.

This was followed by a light and refreshing Viennese-style amber lager, the Red Lager, which may be more liveable than even the pilsner. Both represent more than half of their sales. Gold IPA, Red IPA and Oatmeal Stout round out their base beers, each a solid example of the style.

East Brother also offers a series of lagers, one for each season. The season this summer is Pre-Pro Lager, a lager based on pre-prohibition recipes using similar ingredients, such as cluster hops and corn as an adjuvant, with the more common barley as a grain. This fall, they’ll be giving away Festbier, a lager created for Oktoberfest that’s lighter than the old Märzen style, but similar. They also have a Freighter series of non-lager beers, like this summer’s Double IPA.

A variety of beers are available in the East Brother Tasting Room. (Anda Chu / Bay Area News Group File) Anda Chu / Bay Area News Group

When I was there, the taps also included an English Strong Ale – the series’ spring beer, with excellent fig notes and a sweet finish – as well as a clean and spicy Belgian-style Tripel and a solid Russian Imperial Chocolate Stout. and coffee notes that are sometimes bitter, but never too harsh.

The large, airy faucet room is tucked behind a large industrial building, with seating available inside and out and several diversions, including the cornhole and board games. The bar is suitable for both dogs and children. Don’t miss the food truck parked there every day; La Santa Torta offers Jalisco-style birria, tacos and elote chidos – Mexican street corn with cotija, salsa, fresh lime, mayonnaise, and Flaming Hot Cheetos – as well as churros.