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Vaccine passports are a conspiracy against freedom

They vehemently denied it. For months it appeared half the Cabinet was busy quashing rumors that national vaccine passports would one day feature in English daily life. On many occasions, Vaccine Minister Nadhim Zahawi has ruled out the introduction of a system he has called “discriminatory”. “This is not how …

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UK opens as Sydney and Melbourne lockdowns continue

As the Melbourne lockdown is extended and Sydney watches the barrel of at least a fortnight of restrictions, Britain has emerged from an 18-month lockdown on what is dubbed ‘Freedom Day’. But the easing of restrictions around the UK comes as the country experiences a third wave of COVID-19, this …

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Alcohol deaths skyrocket in Britain during pandemic

(Bloomberg) – The British have made up for the closure of pubs, clubs and restaurants during the pandemic by drinking more at home, helping fuel an ‘unprecedented’ spike in alcohol-related deaths. Results from Public Health England on Thursday showed stores and supermarkets sold an additional 12.6 million liters of alcohol …

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