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They vehemently denied it. For months it appeared half the Cabinet was busy quashing rumors that national vaccine passports would one day feature in English daily life. On many occasions, Vaccine Minister Nadhim Zahawi has ruled out the introduction of a system he has called “discriminatory”. “This is not how we do things. We do them by consent, ”he said haughtily in February.

The Prime Minister also mocked, before inserting the mandate in his speech in the laughable name of “Freedom Day”, delivered from captivity to Checkers. From September, a double vaccination would be mandatory to enter nightclubs and other “crowded events”. “Proof of a negative test will no longer suffice.” It also proved that his government’s goals now go beyond simply ‘protecting’ the NHS during a pandemic and into the realm of long-term coercive control.

Those who warned against vaccine passports; be it on the grounds of discrimination, ethics or practicality, they have been told repeatedly not to worry, that this is all a crazy conspiracy theory. Even now, many are convinced that this decision will never take place – it is just a bluff to have the youngster double vaccinated, copying Emmanuel Macron’s interventions in France.

Certainly, to see this policy adopted, the government must know that it would face serious resistance from Parliament, as well as legal challenges elsewhere. An unlikely coalition is opposed: the Corbynistas, the Greens, the Lib Dems and the Shire Tories. Some Conservative backbenchers have supported the government so far; but only on condition that things like national Covid passes don’t happen. So ministers can never follow through on this cynical ultimatum. But what a rotten way of doing politics; lying to the public, treating them less as rational citizens than gullible laboratory rats to “push” (or coax them) to conform. It can achieve short-term goals, but at a price: erosion of trust.

If the alternative is true, however, and ministers’ intentions are truly to push through this policy – and the previous form of goalpost relocation suggests we should take the government’s words seriously – the consequences could be. unthinkable. For the first time in living memory, we would grant domestic privileges based on state of health; transform the relationship between individuals and the state. Daily activities would become subject to a medical procedure. Free association would no longer be a right, but a privilege conferred by the government. This would usher in a “papers please” mentality hitherto unknown in peacetime.

Number 10 has provided few disturbing details so far, but the PM’s intervention raises big questions. How would such a regime work and where would it end? History suggests that after wresting powers during an emergency, governments are reluctant to relinquish them. It seems highly unlikely that after building up a large certification infrastructure at great expense, it will simply be dismantled when the “crisis” is over. More likely, it would be used for other data sharing programs; maybe even identity cards, which Britain has always resisted.

What would prevent it from being extended to other health problems? Once the Covid status is relevant, why not other infectious diseases that kill thousands of people each year, like the flu? Will the state, or the companies that manage the application, be able to follow our movements? The existing NHS application already requires personal data unrelated to the immunization status of users. How would they protect our privacy, a relevant question given the history of NHS data breaches? Throughout the pandemic, legislation came into force without parliamentary debate or vote. How quickly that too could become Orwellian, with little proper control.

It’s a slippery slope. Night clubs are an easy starting point; young clubbers hopping until dawn won’t be a priority for most, but once established, the premise will become more difficult to resist elsewhere. Places of worship, weddings, and bustling pubs might not be far behind. Just yesterday, Tory Minister Paul Scully insisted that Covid passes would never be needed for pubs, only for No.10 to issue a quick contradiction, confirming that he “didn’t had not been excluded “- so watch this space.

As a low-risk 20-something-year-old, I had the pleasure of receiving my first jab last month, seeing it as a small (and voluntary) contribution to herd immunity. But I certainly did not do it so that a small unvaccinated minority could be excluded from the public sphere or pushed into compliance. And for what purpose? While vaccines are brilliant at protecting against hospitalization and death, they are less effective at reducing transmission – hence the reason some double vaccines have since been re-infected. We would overturn social and public health standards on an illogical premise.

The government may not be staging a grand conspiracy to turn Britain into a Chinese-style social credit system, zealously monitoring citizen behavior to allow or deny basic rights. But sometimes weakness and incompetence can send a country in a similar direction. People may not care about clubs or the young people who frequent them. But they should be concerned about a paradigm shift that undermines all of our freedoms.

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Boris wastes UK vaccine success with ‘terrifying experiment’, expert warns | United Kingdom | New Tue, 20 Jul 2021 15:27:00 +0000

Professor John Ashton was speaking as the government removed a host of restrictions, including legal obligations to wear masks in public and limits on public gatherings. Capacity limits have also been lifted for sports venues, and nightclubs can – and have – reopened.

Professor Ashton, author of Blinded by Corona: How the Pandemic is Ruining our Health and Wealth, said: “After more than a year of practical experience, our government remains as blinded by Corona as it was in the beginning. .

“The world is staring at us in awe.

“Freedom Day is a terrifying experience with a petri dish of millions of people.

“Our reputation will be tarnished for years to come and the saddest thing is that this is a defeat torn from the jaws of our vaccine victory.”

“We’re not going to have freedom as long as this virus is allowed to riot.”

Referring to the so-called Delta variant first discovered in India, the former regional director of public health for the North West of England added: “With the vaccination, we finally had the opportunity to do getting the virus down to very low levels, but instead we left the new Indian variant in the age group that spends a lot of time in pubs, bars and restaurants.

JUSTIN: Covid vaccine disaster as jab rate drops well below EU

A total of 183 deaths recorded during the week ending July 9 mentioned COVID-19 on the death certificate, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

This is a 68% increase from the previous week, and the highest number since 205 deaths were recorded in the week to April 30.

Deaths had fallen to 84 in the week to June 11.

The reopening is part of an upward trend in cases, with 39,950 positive tests confirmed yesterday.

As of July 14, the most recent government figures available, the rate of COVID-19 cases over a seven-year period stood at 399.6 – also indicating an increasing trend.

The UK vaccination roll-out program was widely regarded as a great success, with 82,413,766 having received at least one dose and 36,099,727 fully vaccinated yesterday.

At the same time, the number of daily vaccinations administered in the UK has steadily declined, with the most recent seven-day average standing at 231,130.6.

In addition, Prime Minister Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak quickly overturned initial decisions not to self-isolate after coming into contact with Health Secretary Sajid Javid, who was diagnosed with COVID-19 on Saturday. .

Speaking on the government’s immunization schedule on Saturday, Prime Minister Johnson said: “Barely 8 months since the first vaccine was administered, achieving these goals is another extraordinary achievement.

“Thanks again to everyone who came forward and to those who help others get stung.

“You are the reason we are able to carefully ease the restrictions next week and come back closer to normal life.

“Now let’s finish the job. If you’re over 18, book your two jabs today.

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UK opens as Sydney and Melbourne lockdowns continue Tue, 20 Jul 2021 03:15:42 +0000

As the Melbourne lockdown is extended and Sydney watches the barrel of at least a fortnight of restrictions, Britain has emerged from an 18-month lockdown on what is dubbed ‘Freedom Day’.

But the easing of restrictions around the UK comes as the country experiences a third wave of COVID-19, this time from the deadly Delta strain. The decision to open has come under review as the country registers tens of thousands of new cases every day.

Freedom Day has already faced its first challenge, with the first big new production to open in London – Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cinderella – the announcement of the opening night would be delayed, following the positive COVID-19 result of an actor.

Meanwhile, the government’s contact tracing app sent thousands of people into isolation when they came in close contact with a confirmed case, causing chaos in workplaces and forcing some pubs and stores to close. .

Today the Please explain, European correspondent Bevan Shields joins Nathanael Cooper in speaking about the first day of so-called freedom.

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BBC Olympics, Three, Britain’s Beer Alliance and more Mon, 19 Jul 2021 10:30:48 +0000

Sam walker

Executive Creative Director, Uncommon Creative Studio, and Director, Pulse

I feel optimistic right now. Yes England lost but the way Gareth, Marcus, Raheem, Jordan and the rest of the squad fared gave me hope for the future. There is light in the dark and they show us that it can shine with a thousand lights. So, with Gareth’s brave new world in mind, allow me to lead this Private View in the most unified and positive way possible.

Celeste Dalairac

Executive Creative Director UK, Gray

After twenty years of working in this industry, I know that ideas don’t go out of the way most of the time. From idea to execution, it’s never a straight line. So let me say right off the bat: I appreciate the amount of work – and all the behind-the-scenes drama – that has gone into all of these ideas.

Three “Life Needs a Big Network” – Wonderhood Studios

Sam Walker: The first is the relaunch of the Three. It’s never easy to help a brand grow after such an anarchic teenage years, but this movie “Life Needs a Big Network” sounds big and well written and is well directed by Gary Freedman, with a voiceover. effortless and a well-timed punchline. A portrait of the UK with a modern lens.

Celeste Dalairac: I am a Customer Three, and not a satisfied customer. But even if it were the other way around, “even laughing with a buddy needs 99% coverage”? I do not think so. We need the Internet in our lives; That is true. But there is a lot that I don’t understand about the original version, the theme park and the way this movie was shot.

Department “Jack ‘the not-so-standard dummy'” – Mother

SW: Then, Spoke, a fashion brand that exists because we are all different. What’s right for one person isn’t right for another, which fits Gareth’s open and inclusive worldview perfectly. There is a beautiful play on the model’s gag that comes to life with a few good touches.

CD: No celebrities. No male models. Just a model with a tough life. I don’t know the client behind this, but I already love them for their rather unusual menswear brand TV debuts. Even though Jack is actually pretty standard for a “not-so-standard” model. Yes, his thighs might be “an inch too big” for the fashion game, but other than that, he’s tall and fit with a strong jawline. Maybe it’s just me, but given the idea, I thought Jack would be a little more different – with wider hips, maybe.

British Beer Alliance ‘That Special Feeling’ – Havas London

SW: Britain’s Beer Alliance plays into a modern nostalgia we all know and feel for our local pub. It’s something we all look forward to in the days of Covid and the idea that it isn’t there when we need it should be enough motivation to get people to support this cause. As with the young team of lions, there is strength in unity. Which is also a motto of Liverpool FC. It’s funny how often our greatest football managers were very sociable, Shankly, Busby, Clough, Ferguson, Klopp. Looks like football and politics have always had a close relationship. In any case, I digress.

CD: Although I am a foreigner in the UK, I am sensitive to the strong pub culture that exists here – and how many pubs have been missing during their closure. And I love the real stories and colorful characters from the ‘Long Live the Locals’ campaign for the British Beer Alliance. If I’m being honest, this latest movie in the series isn’t my favorite. It feels more generic to me, and I’m not sure it reflects how people feel when they walk into a pub. That said, the campaign is great and it does an incredible job of reflecting what pubs – which can be like second homes – mean to the people, the community, the country.

BBC “Let’s Go” – BBC Creative

SW: I love the BBC Olympics advertising and have noticed it in the real world. It is very well designed and does a great job of starting the Tokyo Olympics. I always enjoy the BBC’s routes to major sporting events: partly because they tend to be ambitious, visually, but mostly because they always signal a moment of shared collective experience that can truly bring everyone together. country. Remember how united and positive we all felt during London 2012? Holy shit, how amazing that was in hindsight?

CD: I love everything about Japan. I’ve been there twice, and it’s high on my list for when traveling gets easier. This film made me want to go there even more. I enjoyed every little street sign, arcade and store, accessory, the wardrobe, the neon lights, the music. Each image is like a work of art – so detailed and thoughtful that you want to look at it over and over again to discover new things each time. Actually, I’m a little obsessed with this movie now. And I Google searched for everyone involved. Directed by Factory fifteen. Original illustrations by Fantasista Utamaro. Music by Kenji Kawai. No wonder it’s great. I am officially excited about the Olympics.

Heinz “Serious Mayo Lovers” – Bartle Bogle Hegarty

SW: Heinz takes us on a tour of the UK of mayonnaise lovers. It’s shot with energy and features people sharing a common love for mayonnaise. A message of unity after Brexit around a food of French origin. Or maybe I read too much about it.

CD: Serious mayo lovers eat mayo with a spoon – I know a few. But in this movie, it’s just ordinary people putting mayonnaise on sandwiches and salads. So if you’re going for mayo fans, they’re out there – go find them.

Caorunn “Balmenach Distillery” – The Leith Agency

SW: A simple, sober and line-based animation. Sometimes a message speaking softly and calmly in a sea of ​​shouting cuts the noise.

CD: Where the product is made. How the product is made. What are its ingredients. It seems that this brief asked the creative to provide a lot of information about the product. And it’s all there in this beautifully written and beautifully illustrated play.

Google “What are you looking for this summer?” – Uncommon creation studio

CD: This isn’t the first ad to use Google’s search bar to make a point. Still, there’s something cool about it – probably Jamie XX’s music. I enjoyed watching all of his little moments. And it did me good to know that I am not the only one to fear a “return to normal”.

Nike Grenfell Athletic FC “Fabric of the Community” – Brothers & Sisters

SW: Finally, we have Nike with an ad for Grenfell Athletic which raises money for Grenfell victims. Nike has publicly backed Colin Kaepernick by taking the knee and drew protests and condemnation from the Anti-Clock Squad, but unfortunately we are at the point of the debate where it is actually necessary to say that you are against racism and anti-racism. bias, and if you lose a few customers along the way, so be it. What most people took for granted simply cannot be taken for granted anymore. It is a tragedy that we have fallen so far, but here we are. It is a film elegantly directed by Georgi Banks-Davies and should help ensure that this shameful event and its victims are not forgotten. Suddenly, a few nice magazine ads, and a little sport mixed with politics. There are quite a few MPs who say footballers should stay out of politics but I don’t know they seem to be doing a better job of it than those in Westminster.

CD: What I like most about this project is the idea behind the film, it’s Grenfell Athletic FC with a kit, by Nike. It is the fact that a football team, formed by a community worker to help families cope with the tragedy, has the support of a big brand, celebrities and big names in the advertising industry. .

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COVID news live: Wetherspoon presents new rules from Monday – as Ireland prepares to welcome British double-bite | UK News Sat, 17 Jul 2021 13:28:57 +0000

The decision to put France on the red list must be taken “within days”

by Sam Coates, Deputy Political Editor

Discussions on whether to put France on the red list are active in Whitehall under pressure to make a final decision in the days that follow.

Some health figures would push to make the switch, which would mean everyone returning from France would have to pay thousands of pounds for hotel quarantine upon their return.

However, ministers have previously been reluctant to impose too much disruption on the Franco-British border, as it is a critical point for trade and travel.

Negotiations are underway and a positive decision to put France on the red list would require an intergovernmental ministerial agreement.

Sources told Sky News a decision must be made within days and before the end of the school year which ends for most English public school students next Friday.

If a decision is made after this point, the capacity of the hotel rooms may not be sufficient to cope with the number of people having to undergo mandatory quarantine upon their return.

Case rates in France are much lower than in the UK, although they are on the rise.

According to Our World In Data, in the week leading up to July 14, there were 244,691 cases of COVID in the UK while in France, during the same period, there were 27,713 cases.

France has 44% of cases of the “Alpha” or Kent variant, more than any other type, followed by Delta representing 28% of cases.

Almost all cases in the UK are Delta.

A spokesperson for Downing Street said they were continuously monitoring the situation.

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Boris Johnson’s plan to lift Covid restrictions on July 19 is ‘dangerous and unethical’, scientists warn Fri, 16 Jul 2021 18:01:19 +0000

PProfessor Adam Finn, from the University of Bristol and a member of the Joint Committee on Immunization and Immunization (JCVI), said he believes people aged 50 and over will be offered a free flu shot NHS this year, as well as older children.

He told Sky News that the flu was a “more serious illness” than Covid in some ways, especially for children, adding: “The truth is that we see flu epidemics every winter, with one exception and this was last winter.

“The restrictions that were in place before and during the second wave were enough to prevent the spread of influenza almost entirely, and as a result, we are very concerned about seeing a much larger influenza epidemic this year, simply because all of the immunity that this epidemic would have created does not exist.

“So if you then have a coincidence of a big flu epidemic, and a new wave of Covid, that doubles the strain on health services and means we’re in a much more vulnerable place.”

Professor Finn said he hopes at least some people will be offered a flu shot and a Covid shot at the same time.

He said people die from the flu every year, adding: “If we have a particularly large and particularly severe flu epidemic this year, we could see thousands of flu deaths. Now combine that with the others. viruses and more Covid, you ‘I have a really serious problem with my hands.’

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Alcohol deaths skyrocket in Britain during pandemic Thu, 15 Jul 2021 23:17:58 +0000

(Bloomberg) – The British have made up for the closure of pubs, clubs and restaurants during the pandemic by drinking more at home, helping fuel an ‘unprecedented’ spike in alcohol-related deaths.

Results from Public Health England on Thursday showed stores and supermarkets sold an additional 12.6 million liters of alcohol throughout the year through March. Heavy drinkers increased their intake by 5.3 million liters, which would likely lead to a 21% increase in liver disease deaths.

“Our research suggests that the lockdown hit heavy drinkers the hardest and they drink more,” said Rosanna O’Connor, director of Public Health England. “Fighting against the harmful use of alcohol must become an essential part of the Covid-19 recovery plan. “

The number of people who reported drinking at increasing and higher risk levels increased by almost 59% during the year. Alcohol-related deaths increased by a fifth, up from a 3% increase the previous year.

Total alcohol sales were about the same from pre-pandemic levels, despite licensed sites being closed for about 31 weeks during national quarantines.

Stress, loneliness and unequal access to alcohol-related support services are among the factors behind this increase, said Pamela Healy, executive director of the British Liver Trust.

“These results are very concerning but unfortunately reflect what we heard on our helpline during the pandemic,” he said. “Those who come from the most disadvantaged areas of the country are also disproportionately affected.”

Original note: Alcohol deaths in the liver skyrocket in Britain during pandemic

More stories like this are available at

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]]> 0 Covid security advice to businesses in England criticized as ‘a recipe for chaos’ | Health policy Wed, 14 Jul 2021 19:50:00 +0000

Government advice on how businesses should ensure the safety of customers and staff following the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions in England on July 19 has been called a ‘recipe for chaos’ as ministers have confirmed that the wearing a mask would not be a legal requirement.

Guidelines released on Wednesday, it is up to stores, offices, events and venues to decide what security measures to implement.

The guide for businesses sets out six priorities: strict cleaning regimes, keeping people with symptoms away, adequate ventilation, the ability to check in through the NHS app, good staff training and completion of risk assessments.

While the government “expects and recommends” that people wear masks in crowded areas, it will not be mandatory.

In the absence of mandatory measures, the guidelines place particular emphasis on good ventilation, including the use of carbon dioxide (CO2) monitors. It will be up to companies to decide whether they will ask staff and customers to register with the NHS app, practice social distancing or use face masks.

Frances O’Grady, the general secretary of the TUC, said the guidelines were a “recipe for chaos and increased infections” and had been released in the short term without proper consultation with unions and employees.

“Wearing face coverings should remain a legal requirement on public transport and in shops – it is not a matter of ‘personal responsibility’, nor should it be left to individual employers to decide,” she declared.

Labor tried to get an urgent parliamentary question on the guidance after Ed Miliband, the shadow secretary for affairs, said companies had “been faced with confused and conflicting advice, with ministers dodging to do so. what was needed and charging the responsibility of UK companies “.

A high-level union source said there had been “zero” consultation on safe working advice, unlike the approach at the start of the pandemic.

“It is not the business secretary but number 10 who is running all this because of the management of the party,” they said. “The vast majority of employers want to do the right thing, but there are some who will play quickly and freely with worker safety.

Authorities on Wednesday released sector-by-sector advice for a “gradual return” to the workplace for those who worked from home, as well as specific advice for places where large numbers of people congregate, such as sports stadiums and clubs. pubs.

Personal contact in offices should be reduced by grouping staff into teams, using screens or barriers to separate workers and reducing hot-desking where possible, the guidelines say.

Pubs, restaurants and nightclubs are advised to use CO2 detectors to monitor ventilation and to use mechanical units or open corner doors whenever possible. Models that allow users to monitor exact CO2 levels typically cost £ 250 or more.

For catering, guidelines recommend the use of disposable condiment racks, contactless payment and ordering through apps, limited use of self-service, and not leaning on countertops.

Hotels are advised to ask all guests who need to self-isolate to remove their own beds or clean their own rooms to avoid contact with cleaning staff.

The Usdaw traders union criticized the government for leaving it up to stores to decide what to ask customers. Union general secretary Paddy Lillis said the guidelines “don’t provide any insurance for staff or employers. It’s a mess. Protecting retail workers by wearing face coverings and maintaining a social distance in high-traffic public spaces such as shops should be strengthened by law. ”

Retailers, including bookseller Waterstones and jeweler Beaverbrooks, said they would ask staff and customers to wear masks.

Guidelines for large events such as music festivals or sporting events focus on preventing congestion in areas such as queues and turnstiles by deploying more stewards or using methods such as as the staggered entry.

Organizers could ensure events are zoned, guidelines suggest, with entrances and facilities such as bars or restrooms assigned to guests based on their zone to avoid an over-mixing of people.

While face masks will no longer be mandatory on public transport, Grant Shapps, the transport secretary, said he “expected and indeed wanted” that some train, bus and rail companies would insist on that commuters and travelers wear them.

The minister said he supported a move by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, to keep masks mandatory on public transport in the capital. Andy Burnham, the mayor of Greater Manchester, said masks would be needed on the Metrolink tram service.

Mayors in other parts of England, including Andy Street in the West Midlands, do not have the power to make masks mandatory, but have urged passengers to wear it. In West and South Yorkshire, face masks will be mandatory at bus stations and interchanges, but mayors cannot make them mandatory on buses or trains.

]]> 0 Brexit news: Italian pasta exports to Britain drop 25% | Politics | New Tue, 13 Jul 2021 13:53:15 +0000

Brexit: Barnier says things will be ‘more difficult’ for UK

According to Coldiretti’s analysis of Istat data, the number of Britons paying for Italian pasta has fallen to the lowest figure in the past five years. Sales of Italian food products to Britain fell 10.5% due to export restrictions imposed by Brexit.

On the other hand, the recorded jump in Made in Italy exports around the world increased worldwide with + 19.8% in the first quarter of 2021.

Coldiretti claimed that bureaucratic and administrative difficulties associated with Britain’s departure from the EU weigh on domestic food exports to the UK.

They said the main issues for those exporting to the UK were with customs procedures.

Increased transport costs due to delays and increased controls also impacted imports into Britain.

Italian exports to Britain drop 25% (Image: Getty)

Italian exports to Britain drop 25%

Italian exports to Britain drop 25% (Image: Getty)

Coldiretti said in his analysis: “Difficulties that put at risk the 3.4 billion euros of annual Made in Italy agri-food exports with the United Kingdom, which ranks fourth among Italian trading partners for food. and drinks after Germany, France and the United States.

“After wine, with Prosecco in the lead, in second place among Italian agri-food products the most sold in Great Britain, we find tomato derivatives, but also pasta, cheeses, cold meats and olive oil. ‘olive, as well as the Grana Padano and Parmigiano reggiano. “

The Italian organization also claimed that violations of the Brexit deal by the British increased the risk that food and drinks entering the EU would not meet the bloc’s safety standards.

They warned that these products are counterfeits and imitations of protected food products such as Parmesan with Chianti.

READ MORE: “Terrible mistake! “1000 experts warn Boris against” collective immunity “

Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Prime Minister Boris Johnson (Image: Getty)

They conclude: “It is precisely in English pubs that sales of fake prosecco in cans or in barrels have been exposed.

British merchandise exports to the European Union hit their highest level since October 2019 in May, according to official data released last week.

This reversed a slump in early 2021 when Britain left the bloc’s single market and customs union.

Overall, trade with the EU has lagged behind the growth in sales to the rest of the world, and business groups said they still face additional red tape on customers. and European suppliers due to Brexit.

UK won’t ‘fold back’ as EU border line shatters [INSIGHT]
EU on brink as looming court clashes could see bloc collapse [REVEAL]
Petty Remainers accuses Liz Truss of MENTIR over post-Brexit deal [COMMENT]

The strategy of the European business landscape

The strategy of the European commercial landscape (Image: Express)

The UK Office for National Statistics said exports of goods to the European Union, excluding precious metals, reached 14.0 billion pounds ($ 19.4 billion) in May on a seasonally adjusted basis , their highest since October 2019 and nearly double the January level.

An ONS spokesperson said in April: “Exports to the EU have recovered significantly from their January drop, while remaining below 2020 levels.

“However, imports from the EU have yet to rebound significantly, with a number of issues hampering trade.”

Total merchandise exports of 27.9 billion pounds, excluding precious metals, were the highest since January 2020, just before the coronavirus pandemic began to disrupt.

Italian pasta exports to UK drop 25%

Italian pasta exports to UK drop 25% (Image: Getty)

Small Business Federation chairman Mike Cherry had previously warned: “British exports have fallen since the end of the [Brexit] transition period.

“International sales are down from where they were at the same time last year.

“A fifth of the small exporters have temporarily halted sales to the EU and some have already given up on selling in the block permanently.”

Italian pasta exports to UK plummet

Italian pasta exports to UK plummet (Image: Getty)

Brexit-related tensions between Britain and the European Union have increased in recent weeks as talks failed between Britain’s Brexit Minister Lord Frost and European Commission Vice-President Maros Sefcovic.

Brussels has threatened to launch a trade war against Britain if it does not put in place controls on goods entering Northern Ireland as part of the Brexit deal.

Under the Brexit trade deal reached late last year, the UK and EU can impose tariffs on each other’s exports for violating the pact, pending arbitration independent.

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega

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England lose Euro 2020 and hold Nationwide Beer Bender as coronavirus explodes again Mon, 12 Jul 2021 01:56:11 +0000

After losing a tense shot on goal 3-2 to Italy in the European Championship final on Sunday night, the young England football team’s high hopes of ‘bringing home’ the trophy were dashed at the last minute. The tight result rocked London, where, despite the increase in the number of coronavirus cases, every ad was full.

On the London Picadilly line underground, a Scottish woman asked a group of English men decked out in goods to wear masks. They thought she was American. “Fk off American!” They yelled at him. “It’s not your day!”

The metropolitan police announced Sunday evening that 19 police officers had been injured in the face of “volatile crowds” unleashed on the city.

Several people at the station told me they came to London “for the atmosphere”. James, 22, from Bristol, has worked as a supermarket cashier for the 16-month lockdown.

“I just decided to come to London for the big game, I booked a hotel,” he told me, “We’ll probably be bottling it, though.” His plan is to “get mad and walk around” and then watch the game in his room.

Earlier this week, even British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who faces legal action for potentially causing tens of thousands of preventable deaths from COVID-19 and who is more of a rugby fan, took to the train in walked and teased the audience with the prospect of a national vacation if the home team won the game.

The final at Wembley Stadium in London was one of many “pilot events” to test the safety of mass gatherings before what Johnson calls “Freedom Day” or July 19, when the British can choose whether whether or not they want to continue wearing masks indoors. Johnson says vaccinations “severed” the link between cases and deaths, but a coalition of more than 100 scientists said his “mass infection” strategy was dangerous and unprecedented. Tests of stadium events indicate they can be safe, with only 8 of 30,000 spectators testing positive after attending test events in June, but the results are only based on the miserable 15 percent of participants who returned their PCR tests.

Two hours before the match, supporters without tickets tried to break into Wembley, where 60,000 people attended the final.

Two minutes after the kick-off, a slow then massive cry was heard in Leicester Square, the “unofficial fan zone” of London, among the hundreds of young people who had gathered around a miniature park to be raving and toss smoke bombs into the air. “What what?” a girl shouted. And suddenly everyone in the square was running in all directions trying to spot an outdoor TV in one of the full pubs. “England scored !!!” Then it started to rain. The crowd stayed outside, launching rockets and cheering at random times. “The kids just party, don’t watch the game,” a slightly older teenager told his friends after moving under a nearby cinema awning to stream the game live on his phone.

Outside London Central Bus Station on Sunday morning, a group of young men with travel bags checked directions and walked along the road singing Atomic Kitten’s “Whole Again”: “Baby you are the only one… you always turn me on…. ”The song, once the staple of dance instructions in Noughties Girls magazine, is now a fan ode to England football manager Gareth Southgate (“Southgate, that’s you.”) Why Atomic Kitten? “Because it’s been 55 years apart,” said Sam, a 19-year-old student from Bath, after thoughtfully humming “thinking back to our first meeting …” In 1966 England won the Cup. world. They haven’t won a major trophy since (or before) then.

During the day, a huge crowd of mostly teenagers and young adults gathered in Leicester Square. In Trafalgar Square – the “official fan zone” – people needed tickets won in the public lottery to enter a cordoned off area surrounded by angry fans trying to break in. Before the game in the unofficial fan zone, people made room for a man to throw a bright yellow traffic sign at another man, who the latter tried and failed to head butt . Against a candy store stood a man with a sleeping bag rolled over one shoulder called Nathan, who said he was from the Shetland Islands and was here to ‘see life’ and ‘meet people. “.

“We saw it on social media,” Bella, a 20-year-old with a heavy West Country accent, referring to the video of a man waving an English flag while clinging to the side of a moving bus in North West London.

At an evening of the Magic Mike male striptease show, men spun around on stage, as half of the all-female audience pulled out their phones to watch the England goal. “It’s coming home,” some women sang to r & b music from the early 2000s.

I also tried talking to one of the large groups of men, dressed in English flags or blazers and tight beers, who were walking on the road outside Buckingham Palace, but the conversation was cut short when one blank stared man wrapped me in a headlock and sprayed me with the message: “Tell the daily beast”, – long pause – “THIS IS. COMING. HOME”

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