Get to Know These German Beer Styles for Oktoberfest 2022

According to van Paepegham, German pilsner is the most popular beer on this list. It was actually first brewed due to the massive popularity of Czech pilsner, first brewed in 1842 (by van Paepeghem). Czech pilsner is so called because it was made in Plzen, a city in the Czech Republic. However, the German variety is called “pils”. This abbreviation is however not the only difference between the two beers.

German pilsner is brewed with pilsner malt grown in Germany, noble type (think old school) hops from the Hallertau and Tettnag region and lager yeast. These ingredients produce a drier beer with a light body and malty character. This emphasizes its floral hops for a super refreshing and sharp finish. There are even two types of German pilsner: Northern German pilsner is more about the bitterness of the hops, as opposed to Bavarian pilsner, which is more sensitive to hop aromas and therefore has a milder finish.

No matter what type of German pils you sip, they are each their own thing. Meanwhile, Czech pilsners have a fuller, darker body and a more malty character. While all pilsners can be easily drinkable and thirst-quenching beers, the crispness of German pilsners is what sets them apart. German pils generally contain an ABV between 4.8% and 5.2%.