IPAs may be kings, but most age groups prefer other styles of beer

Although Indian lagers have taken the craft beer world by storm, only millennials say IPA is their favorite style, according to a new survey.

The online survey of 548 beer drinkers by market research firm Datassential reveals that millennials (respondents aged 26-40) prefer IPAs, while Gen X beer drinkers (41 57) and baby boomers (58+) say lager is their favorite style of beer. The top choice of Gen Z drinkers (21-25) is beer, but not an IPA, according to the August survey.

Besides millennials, women and beer drinkers with annual household incomes over $100,000 prefer IPAs, according to the survey. Lagers are preferred by beer drinkers earning less than $25,000 a year.

“Fortunately for consumers and the beer industry, there seems to be an endless number of combinations between popular beer styles and flavors that are appealing for home drinking or the beverage menu at a restaurant or bar. “, says Mark Brandau, associate director of Datassential. research and ideas. “Beer varieties exist on a spectrum from chocolate porters to mango wheat beers and everything in between, making beer more versatile than most types of wine or spirit.”

In addition to the 548 beer drinkers who answered the survey’s questions about preferred style and flavors, the survey sampled another 2,283 people aged 21 and over who drink alcohol.

Other findings of the investigation were as follows:

*Two-thirds of adults of drinking age have had a beer in the past month, and 58% of beer drinkers drink one or more per week.

*Citrus is the number one favorite flavor in beer. Berry flavors come second, followed by apple and pear.

*Nearly 4 out of 5 respondents say they prefer beer brewed in the United States. Mexican beers are preferred by 17% of respondents and German beers by 15%.

*Seven out of 10 respondents say they prefer being served a can or bottled beer, while 24% say they prefer a draft beer.

*Thirty-seven percent of survey respondents consider themselves beer connoisseurs, meaning people who have an in-depth knowledge of high-quality beer and where to get it.