Shrewsbury beer shop sells Ukrainian beers to help war-torn country

Chez Sophie and Crêperie and Café Photo: Ian Sheppard

Sophie’s Beer Store stocks 20 beers from Varvar Brew, kyiv, which has had to close since the Russian invasion.

With the sale of alcohol banned in Ukraine, the brewery was desperate to sell its stock to raise much-needed funds for food, medicine, paying taxes and salaries, and supporting the country as a whole.

A spokesperson for Sophie’s in Mardol Head said on Facebook: ‘We are delighted to be part of bringing Varvar Brewery’s beers to the UK from Ukraine for the first time and you will find no less than 20 beers in the store now covering an array of their styles!

“This initiative, launched on March 25, was part of a plan to save around 45,000 pints of beer from Varvar Brew in Kyiv, which has had to close since the invasion.”

They add that one of their suppliers, called Euroboozer, stepped forward and, with great difficulty, arranged for the first truck to leave Kyiv on March 31. The truck crossed the Ukrainian border on April 4 and arrived safely in the UK on Friday April 8.

In addition to paying Varvar the full price of the stock (approximately €55,458.86 so far), all proceeds from the sale of the beer will go to which raises funds for humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

Sophie’s invites people to look at the beers offered at and if you post on social media, tag @drinkersforukraine and use #drinkersforukraine and #cheers4ukraine.