Supervisors deny a delivery-oriented beer store with food options in Falls Twp.

The place where 3 Rivers Beer wanted to open.
Credit: Google Maps

The Falls Township Board of Supervisors denied the liquor license transfer for a company’s plan to open a beer store with food in the former Levittown Beauty Academy location at Vermillion Square at 8919 New Falls Road in Levittown.

Supervisors voted 3-1 Monday night against the companies’ request to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to transfer a liquor license from Bristol Township to Falls Township. Supervisor Erin Mullen was the only one to vote for, and Supervisor Jeff Boraski was absent.

3 Rivers Beer, which already has locations in Pittsburgh and Harrisburg with more in the works, planned to convert the space into a beer outlet with prepackaged quick-serve food and snacks, as well as a plate rotating for local delivery of beer and pre-packaged foods.

Instead of table service for food, prepared meals would be in coolers and cooked by customers in microwaves inside 3 Rivers Beer. There would be no restaurant-style kitchen for staff to cook or prepare meals on site.

A lawyer for 3 Rivers Beer said there would be 30 seats and there would be no bar service, but the focus would be on delivery.

The location could be open from 7 a.m. to 2 a.m., which would comply with state laws for businesses with a restaurant license. The company’s attorney said those hours could be shorter depending on the staff.

Jeff Dence, chairman of the Falls Township Board of Supervisors, said the plan doesn’t look much like a restaurant. He also noted that it seemed “strange” to have an additional place selling alcohol in an area with multiple bars nearby.

The location offered by 3 Rivers Beer was just a doorway from the Five Four Bar and Grill, which has a full bar and restaurant.

Township resident Joan Graves expressed concern about parking and traffic in the mall area with another establishment offering takeout and beer.

Resident Toni Battiste said it looked like 3 Rivers Beer was looking to bend the rules to create a take-out beer service.

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