The Now and Later beer store and tap room offer craft beers and craft beers

Comprised of two parts, Now and Later offers the Syracuse community a way to sip and shop. In one part of the store is its faucet room, and the other features a wall of coolers with over 350 bottled beers lined up on the shelves, a set of large bottles, and another cooler with about 80 drinks.

The local rustic bottle shop and beer tasting bar serves both craft and draft beers served from a keg or keg, seasons brewed during or for a season or holiday and unique specialties. Co-owned by Jason Purdy and Sarah Norcross, the store is on the corner of Avery Avenue and Ulster Street in the Tipperary Hill district.

The shop, which opened on Christmas Eve 2015, sources hard-to-find craft beers from regional breweries and offers around 30 types of seasonal beers and over 500 beer varieties in the store. Norcross said the store selects beers based on what’s available geographically and what customers are looking for.

Some of the beers featured on Now and Later’s winter list include Great Lakes Brewing Christmas Ale, Bell’s Brewery Winter White Ale, and Saranac Brewery’s Big Moose Winter Ale. Varieties typically go for $4 to $6 a bottle in the tap room, but Now and Later also serves more expensive selections such as Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout and Bourbon Barrel-Aged Stouts style beers, which usually fall between $10 and $30.

“During the summer, people tend to drink lighter, crispier, fruitier beers like Shandy, or certain fruity wheat beers,” Purdy said. “…And then in the colder months, people tend to drink darker beers that are a bit more festive and hearty, and almost try to warm you up even though they’re cold.”

Common cold weather beers include ales, India Pale Ales, lagers, stouts, and porters. They’re typically brewed with traditional holiday spices and have a darker color from coffee or chocolate, said Purdy and Scott Jackson, who have been bartenders for Now and Later since it opened.

Jackson said he frequently directs customers to holiday beer varieties based on their preferences or what they’re used to drinking.

“If anyone came in and wanted a little nutmeg or cinnamon flavor, I would direct them to the 2XMAS south tier,” Jackson said, explaining that the beer is a double spiced beer brewed with orange peel. , fig paste, ginger root and Cinnamon.

The store sources craft beers from Founders Brewing Co. and Bell’s Brewery, Inc. in Michigan from New York State distributors licensed to sell certain beverages out of state. The store also buys beers on tap when smaller local breweries lack wholesale representation and packaging for their drinks, Norcross said.
Many customers hang out on the bar side of the store, but also wander around the store side and buy beers to take home, Purdy said.

Now and Later recently held a “Battle of the Imperials” event which showcased 10 new Imperials – a stronger, hoppy beer with higher alcohol content and more malts – on tap. Each was made by a different local brewery. The store will hold its two-year anniversary party on December 23.

Jackson said customers have become more knowledgeable about Now and Later and its offerings over the years.

“It’s not like your average bar,” Jackson said. “People know this place sells really good quality beer.”

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